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O.M.G! (Oh Moo God!): Grass, grass and more grass! Kim Cowdashian reveals her one MASSIVE beauty secret.

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Grass, Grass And More Grass! Kim Cowdashian Reveals Her One MASSIVE Beauty Secret.

Living life as the world's most alluring cow doesn't just happen to anyone.

No, sister, you got to work that ass if you want to make it onto the front cover of Farmer's Weekly.

And today, for the very first time, Kim Cowdashian let slip her one major beauty secret, the thing that’s made her the barnyard selfie-Queen.

It's grass, grass and more grass! She can’t stop eating the stuff.

And since Kim lives bang-smack in the middle of Northumberland - one of England’s lushest counties - she never, ever has to stop.

Isn;t that just about enough to make any girl go green with envy?

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