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Fifty Bales of Hay: Kim beats Khloe to the feed trough. This is, like, the last straw...

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Fifty Bales Of Hay: Kim Beats Khloe To The Feed Trough. This Is, Like, The Last Straw.

Kim and Khloe almost came to hoofty-cuffs today when Farmer Al topped up the main feed tray with some delicious five-star straw – the very best of winter feed, don’t you know.

Khloe was just chowing down on all that hay-time heaven when Kim, everybody’s favourite barnyard Diva, pushed her pretty-little nose where she shouldn’t and tried to make ladies-doing-lunch an exclusive invitation only she was allowed to take up.

It looked like we were in for a vicious bovine battle of epic proportions until Farmer Al skilfully kept the peace by filling up another trough.

Those testy girls really should know better but as Farmer Al often says: "When the going gets tough - keep the trough overflowing!"

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