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Cowmageddon: Not for the first time Kourtney and Kendal stand on opposite sides of the barnyard

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Cowmageddon: Not For The First Time Kourtney And Kendal Stand On Opposite Sides Of The Barnyard.

As Cowdashians' PR Dude, Bryn, often says: "Cows are like women all over the world, all sisters together until a big handsome bull pops his head over the fence."

To be honest nobody ever really felt that Derek, the bull from the very bottom field next to the manure pile, was very handsome until Kendal first set eyes on him but then it was love at first Moo!

Kourtney thinks Kendal can do a lot better and told Kyle exactly what she was thinking.

Kendal overheard and put her hoof down. You could cut the atmosphere in that yard with a knife. (Not a metaphor any of the Cowdashians are particularly fond of.)

Will Kendal really date Derek? Will Kourtney tell Kim? Watch this space for more goss on the epic barnyard bitch-fest that’s just a normal day on Keeping up with the Cowdashians!

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